Natsu Ozawa

English | 日本語

I (Natsu Ozawa) am a Japanese computer science student at the University of Edinburgh.

Despite being fantacized as a technologically advanced country, Japan struggles in the digital era, and many aspects of our society are still designed for the past. With this design, however, we cannot take advantage of the agility and scalability offered by modern software. I am interested in creating systems that embrace the complexity and connectivity of the world and integrating those systems with organizations and society.

I started programming when I was 15. Initially focusing on frontend and backend web development, I worked as a software engineer intern in multiple startup companies. As a university student, my technical interests broadened to computational social choice theory, category theory, scalable computer systems, functional programming, machine learning, and computer algorithms.

Aside from my interests above, I am vocal in Plurality, Japanese digital policy, and Effective Altruism.



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